HeroeS³ - A Framework for Heterogeneous Software-Intensive System Design with SystemC

Authors: Markus Becker, Universität Paderborn, DE; Wolfgang Müller, Universität Paderborn, DE; Joachim Stroop; Ulrich Kiffmeier


HeroeS3 is a SystemC framework for modeling/simulation of heterogeneous SW-intensive systems. It has 8 abstraction levels for corefinement of application/environment models from continous/discrete models to networked embedded SW stacks. Support of various SW/comm. abstractions is achieved by combining AMS MoCs, TLM, HdS models (MW, RTOS, HAL) and QEMU user mode/system emulator. Interfacing w/ a commerical AUTOSAR toolchain is provided, i.e., code generators, integration and experimentation tools.

Publication Date: 2014/03/25

Location of Publication: Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE), University Booth, Dresden, Germany

Keyword: System Design