Welcome to VE-VIDES

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In the research project "Design methods and HW/SW co-verification for the unique identifiability of electronic components" - VE-VIDES for short - experts from research institutions and industry are exploring new development methods for trustworthy intellectual property (IP) and its integration along global value chains. Twelve partners from research and science as well as from the electronics and user industries are working together under the coordination of Infineon to develop a holistic security concept.

VE-VIDES has set itself the goal of transforming hardware from an Achilles' heel to a foundation of trustworthiness, making use of the immutability of hardware after production, similar to a fingerprint. To this end, a holistic security concept is being developed that uses innovative methods to secure individual IP components and their integration into an overall system against security risks, attacks and manipulation by third parties. The basis for this is a novel IP design and verification flow that will ensure trustworthiness, especially in security-critical electronic systems.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is supporting the VE-VIDES project under the funding codes 16ME0243K to 16ME0254 in the funding programme IKT2020 as part of the funding guideline "Trustworthy Electronics (ZEUS)".