TRACE presented at EuWoRel 2016

4th European Expert Workshop on Reliability of Electronics and Smart Systems (EuWoRel 2016) held on Oct.18/19 at Fraunhofer-Forum, Berlin

Since 2013, EuWoRel is the annual forum for addressing the concerns of reliability, robustness, and functional safety of new products and technologies in the field of electronics and smart systems. The workshop identifies research requirements on reliability methodology and presents it not only to the electronics packaging community but also to the representatives of funding agencies at national and European levels.
The first day of this year’s workshop was dedicated to engineering papers presenting results of reliability research such as new effects or failure modes, improvements in functional safety, advances in methodology approaches, and progress made in terms of tests procedures and / or equipment developments.
The second day focussed on the research direction concerning functional safety and system availability, i.e. on new methods for self-diagnostics, predictive and preventive maintenance as well as on the role of necessary HW/SW interaction. Right now, these subjects receive massive attention as they are seen as key enablers of many of the new application scenarios, from autonomous driving to industry 4.0, smart grid and other smart infrastructure solutions.