TRACE presented at BMWi and BMBF convention in Berlin, 2017-11-30 to 2017-12-01

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Research and Technology for automated and connected Driving

The German public authorities of BMWi ( Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) and BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) were hosting the 2nd annual convention on automated and connected Driving in Berlin. The meeting took place at the Harnack-House of the Max Planck Society. TRACE was given the privilege to be part of the opening session of this two day event of exchange and networking. Although only ten R&D consortia leaders were invited by the authorities, more than 200 participants listened to the individual, very interesting, presentations.

After the TRACE presentation we received a lot of questions and discussions during subsequent breaks. People were impressed by the fact that we manage to cooperate within 36 partners of industry, research institutes and universities from five countries. The concept of TRACE to ensure the quality of future semiconductor solutions across the entire supply chain could convince the participants. This was achieved by showing the theoretical ideas, but also the timelines of our demonstrators.

The picture above shows the TRACE coordinator, Dr Mihel Seitz from Robert Bosch GmbH, during his presentation. All presentations of the event are available here.