TRACE face2face meeting WP2/9, WP6 and WP7

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On September 27 the TRACE assembly meeting at the Fraunhofer Forum located in the heart of Berlin started. The partners of TRACE have been discussing the progress and deciding on the next steps for WP2 “Target System Analysis – Evaluation of Delta-Requirements” and WP9 “TRACE Methodology”. This activity continued on Sept. 28th and significant progress could be achieved.

During the second and third day WP6 “Modelling and Simulation” and WP7 “Test and Validation” were on the agenda. During these days more than 25 project partners have been discussing and deciding on the research activities for the TRACE methodologies which focuses on developing a methodology to enable the usage of consumer electronics in the automotive space. Simulation of failure mechanisms and development of testing and validation strategies were the content of the meeting.