Value of Scale4Edge

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Scale4Edge contributes in several ways to the strengthening of technology sovereignty in Germany. On the one hand, the project strengthens the competence of German companies and universities in the field of processor technology in design and the associated supply chains for various edge applications and, as a result, provides commercially available products after the end of the project. This will result in new processor architectures, innovative software and special verification approaches, thus strengthening technology sovereignty for the entire ecosystem in the form of different supply chains. By allowing edge processors to autonomously process and store data, this will increase data sovereignty in the end application as opposed to cloud applications. This is strengthened by the fact that platform security is an explicit subgoal of the project.

Due to the close and in substantial parts open association of German industry and research partners, the project sets high standards for the trustworthiness of the products developed in the Scale4Edge ecosystem. This includes standard-compliant design processes, partially open source software and also the security (safety, security) of the platform as well as an intensive review and analysis of the developments.