edaForum02 Proceedings - December, 5th

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A. Richard Newton
Dean of the College of Engineering
University of California, Berkeley

"The Next Big Advance in Chip-Level Design Productivity"
Technical Session I
Verification of Systems on Chip

Raul Camposano
Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President
Synopsys, Inc.

"The Impending Verification Revolution"
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Thomas Kropf
Driver Assistance - Function and Software Development
Robert Bosch GmbH

"Tool-Supported Validation of Embedded Systems in Automotive Applications"

Sang Wang
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman
Nassda Corporation

"ROI from Nanometer IC Circuit Verification"
pdf file
Economical Session I
EDA and Return on Investment

Jordan Brysk
President & Chief Executive Officer
Ascendant Strategies Group, Inc.

"An Analysis of the Relationship between EDA Expenditures and Competitive Positioning of IC Vendors"
pdf file
Peter L. Levin
General Partner
Techno Venture Management

"Bright longterm prospects for EDA"
pdf file
Bernd-Josef M. Huettl
Marketing Manager
IBM Microelectronics

"Investment into EDA, Its Measurable Success and Its Return: The IBM Way"
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