TSV-Virtualization for Multi-Protocol-Interconnect in 3D-ICs

Authors: Miller, Felix; Wild, Thomas

Abstract—Through Silicon Vias (TSVs) are the method of choice to realize vertical connections between different chip layers in three dimensional Integrated Circuits (3D-ICs). These TSVs offer a fast connection and due to their short wire length, only a small capacitive load to the driving circuitry. On the other hand TSVs consume a relative large amount of chip area and as TSVcount increases the overall yield generally drops due to TSV manufacturing difficulties. As a result of the low capacitance, TSVs can be clocked much higher than conventional intralayer links. To fully utilize the TSV-based vertical bandwidth we propose using them in a multiplexed manner and share them between several virtual links. On top of that we propose using TSVs to stretch state-of-the art interconnects like busses, crossbars or NoCs to other silicon layers in the 3D stack. This reduces TSV count and gives designers the opportunity to easily migrate from 2D to 3D designs and to largely benefit from reuse of existing IP blocks and interconnection schemes.

Publication Date: 2012/09/05

Location of Publication: Izmir, Turkey

Keyword: Interconnect