VE-VIDES: Design Methods and HW/SW Co-Verification for the Unambiguous Identifiability of Electronic Components

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Many modern applications such as highly automated driving or flexible production facilities are based on complex electronic systems. These electronic components are making our lives and work increasingly efficient and enjoyable. However, they also pose a potential danger if these systems are not developed with the clear goal of trustworthiness from the outset.

Against this background, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has launched the funding guideline "Trustworthy Electronics (ZEUS)", within the framework of which the research project "Design methods and HW/SW co-verification for the unambiguous identifiability of electronic components" (VE-VIDES) has been working since March 2021. VE-VIDES aims to systematically identify all potential security vulnerabilities already in the design phase and to protect electronic systems from attacks with the help of automatically generated, reliable mechanisms. VE-VIDES focuses on securing the trustworthiness of the system hardware (HW) and takes into account the direct interfaces to trustworthy software/firmware components. Translated with (free version)

Project coordination:

Infineon Technologies AG
Prof. Dr. Djones Lettnin
fon: +49 89 234 89 730
djones [dot] lettninatinfineon [dot] com

Project management:

edacentrum GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Popp
fon: +49 511 9368 7464
poppatedacentrum [dot] de

Project partners:

Research partners:

Funding initial:

BMBF F&E 16ME0243K - 16ME0254


Mon, 01 March 2021 - Sat, 31 August 2024


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PRProject Report
SPRShort Project Report
PNProject News
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