ResCar: Robust Design of New Electronic Components for Electric Mobility Applications

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The objective of RESCAR 2.0 is the compilation of a common procedure which for the first time allows for conveniently taking into account the OEM’s requirement profile concerning robustness already during ECU component design in a reliable and verifiable way. In order to account for the increasing sensibility of new technologies, three especially robustness-critical issues are being dealt with in depth: ageing effects, influences of temperature and voltage fluctuations.

Car manufacturers (OEM) define their requirements in a so-called “Mission Profile”. In there, all requirement data for a vehicle are fixed, subsequently those will be refined into design constraints down to the circuit level of semiconductors. “Mission Profiles” are an integral part of the technical specification of control systems and are being handed over to Tier-1-suppliers and semiconductor manufacturing. They contain a list of the relevant environmental encumbrances, strains and working conditions to which a component is exposed during its lifecycle, i.e. the time between the end of its manufacturing process and the vehicle’s end of life. The profiles encompass key data concerning transport, storage, processing and operation in the intended application, among other things. In order to determine and pass on the increasingly complex requirements, the “Mission Profiles” have to be formalized, normalized and, where applicable, detailed. Then they can be processed over the complete value chain. The mission of system vendors is the future implementation of the “Mission Profile’s” requirements in system level requirements. In order to do that, fundamental reliability and robustness descriptions have to be developed, which are necessary to master design challenges.

Project coordination:

Infineon Technologies AG
Ulrich Müller-Pschorr
fon: +49 89 234 84161

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edacentrum GmbH
Dr. Dieter Treytnar
fon: +49 511 9368 7465
treytnaratedacentrum [dot] de

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BMBF F&E 16M3195


Tue, 01 February 2011 - Wed, 30 April 2014


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