RapidMPSoC: Rapid System Prototyping and Platform-Based Design for Mixed Signal Multi Processor SoC

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RapidMPSoC deals with four topic areas to accelerate the Analogue/Mixed-Signal (AMS) Design, at a high level of abstraction.

The topic area "Technologically independent design of Analogue-IP on the behavioural level", explores processes for A/D Converters. These would reduce both the costs of implementation, as well as the design costs of transition to a new technology, by around 20 %.

The topic "Analogue architecture and interface to the Multiple Processor System" deals with the cost and cost-estimation of the implementation at the algorithmic level, ensuring an efficient realisation through the definition and standardisation of algorithms, protocols and transfer methods. This aims to reduce the design time required for the specification by up to 30 %.

In the area of "System design", the focus is on the AMS sub-systems of a System-on-Chip (SoC), with consideration of the interfaces to the overall system. Through RapidMPSoC, a complete system simulation will be made possible, whereby the simulation speed is in increased, at minimum by a factor of 10, while maintaining a comparable level of accuracy.

The "System verification" topic focuses on the AMS sub-systems, while also taking into consideration all interfaces to the complete system. Through an assertion-based simulation process, the performance of the complete system verification is increased. Through it, a "right-first-time" design is ensured, the numerous standards that need to be supported are made controllable, and the verification costs in the design process can be reduced by a minimum of 50 %.

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LANTIQ Deutschland GmbH
Andreas Foglar
fon: +49 89 89899-7597
foglar [dot] externalatlantiq [dot] com

Project management:

edacentrum GmbH
Dr. Andreas Vörg
fon: +49 511 762-19686
voergatedacentrum [dot] de

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BMBF F&E 01M3085


October 01, 2007 - September 30, 2010



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