ROBUST: Design of Robust Nanoelectronic Systems

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ROBUST researches new methods and procedures for designing robust nanoelectronic systems. For the first time ever, the project defines quantitative measures of robustness. These metrics are determined by abstracting models of robustness and by applying new analysis methods suitable for the system level. Robustness metrics are employed for guiding and assessing static and dynamic optimization of robustness. The results of ROBUST are methods and prototype tools that enable early consideration of robustness in the context of a top-down system design flow. The methods and prototypes are applied to a demonstrator design for evaluation purposes. They are made available to industrial research partners as a basis for integrating robustness into their design processes.

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Project coordination:

edacentrum GmbH
Dr. Jürgen Haase
fon: +49 511 762-19698
haaseatedacentrum [dot] de

Project management:

edacentrum GmbH
Dr. Dieter Treytnar
fon: +49 511 762-19687
treytnaratedacentrum [dot] de

Research partners:

Supported by industry partners:

Funding initial:

BMBF CF 16M3087


April 01, 2009 - March 31, 2012


Project Information

NL 02 2013 (PN)
NL 02 2011 (PKB)
NL 01 2011 (PN)
NL 03 2010 (PB)
NL 01 2010 (PN)
NL 04 2009 (PN)
NL 03 2009 (PN)
NL 02 2009 (PN)

Used Abbreviations

PRProject Report
SPRShort Project Report
PNProject News
FPRFinal Project Report