LEONIDAS+: Interconnect Oriented Design

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Successful design of circuits in the deep-submicron area makes it necessary not only to optimize the way in which functionality is realized by logic components. It is also essential to design an optimal system of interconnects. Thus, the partner of the preceding "LEONIDAS" project started to achieve that by giving the interconnect system the proper consideration in the overall design process. LEONIDAS+ picks up this work in order to realize an interconnect driven design methodology and to make interconnects an integral and important part of the applied flow itself.

Emphases is placed on research to find solutions for extraction, analysis and modelling of SoC interconnect properties. The predictability of physical properties of an SoC Design will be highly improved in an early phase and with high accuracy. Additionally, the management and consideration of full-custom constraints will be regarded in LEONIDAS+. Automotive applications, multimedia systems, communication systems as well as DRAM circuits pose rather different requirements to the interconnect design - all applications areas are considered by the project partners.

Project coordination:

Infineon Technologies AG
Dipl.-Math. Irmtraud Rugen-Herzig
fon: +49 89 234-21046
irmtraud [dot] rugen-herzigatinfineon [dot] com

Project management:

Leibniz Universität Hannover
Dr.-Ing. Markus Olbrich
fon: +49 511 762-19661
markus [dot] olbrichatims [dot] uni-hannover [dot] de

Project partners:

Research partners:

Funding initial:

BMBF F&E 01M3074


March 01, 2005 - February 28, 2007



Project Information

Final Report
NL 03 2007 (PSB)
NL 02 2007 (PN)
NL 04 2006 (PN)
NL 02 2006 (PN)
NL 02 2006 (PB)
NL 01 2006 (PN)

Used Abbreviations

PRProject Report
SPRShort Project Report
PNProject News
FPRFinal Project Report