AutoSUN: Design of Automotive Systems with Uncertainties

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Electronic systems within the automobile industry experience a steady increase in complexity. The development of novel electronic systems especially in a safety domain such as driver assistance systems is a big challenge. This growing complexity as well as the resulting necessity of a closer cooperation between car manufacturers, suppliers, and semi-conductor companies demands new concepts of system design. Therefore the project aims at investigating techniques for improving the design flow as well as methods for the protection of intellectual property (IP). The main goals are - Acceleration of capturing the specification - Acceleration of the simulation itself, in order to enable a simulation of the entire traffic scenario based on the specification - Development of techniques for verifying systems with analogue as well as digital hard- and software - capturing and assessing assembly units with character with tolerances Within this project, the complete chain from car manufacturer to supplier to semi-conductor manufacturer is represented as a project partner. In order to enable a mutual black box transfer of IP without exposing any internal IP-knowledge, the use of so called compiled customer models will be investigated.

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Project coordination:

Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG
Dr.-Ing. Ingmar Neumann
fon: +49 69 7603-8360
ingmar [dot] neumannatcontinental-corporation [dot] com

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Funding initial:

BMBF F&E 01M3178


July 01, 2007 - June 30, 2010


Project Information

Final Report
NL 01 2011 (PB)
NL 01 2011 (PN)
NL 01 2008 (PKB)

Used Abbreviations

PRProject Report
SPRShort Project Report
PNProject News
FPRFinal Project Report