REES Workshop @ ESWeek 2015

1st International ESWeek Workshop on Resiliency in Embedded Electronic Systems (REES 2015) am 8.10.2015 in Amsterdam 

With the sheer complexity of hardware and software systems, resiliency became a major challenge in embedded systems design, manufacturing, and operation. For industrial applications several standards such as ISO26262, IEC61508 or DO-254 prescribe a well-defined level of reliability, robustness, and fault-tolerance.

This joint academic/industry workshop addresses all resiliency aspects in hardware and software systems design and operation from different embedded system areas such as automotive, avionics, and industry automation. This includes, but is not limited to, design bugs and cross-layer and cross-domain design techniques from software (applications, operating systems, middleware) to hardware (system, architecture, circuits, device level). Of special interest are design-for-resiliency technologies, resilient-specific design flows, like integrated functional/stochastic approaches, and development frameworks for robust designs, such as virtual prototyping approaches, which support early evaluations and estimations to obtain high reliability with less cost. REES 2015 will feature a range of highly interesting industrial invited talks.

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  • EffektiV Projektpartner
  • DFG Schwerpunktprogramm 1500
  • Stanford University


Größter Workshop der ESWeek: ~40 Teilnehmer

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EffektiV REES-Workshop 2015

EffektiV REES-Workshop 2015

EffektiV REES-Workshop 2015