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General facts about the edacentrum [ How was the edacentrum started? ] [ What is the edacentrum? ] [ Where does the name edacentrum come from? ][ What are the goals and objectives of the edacentrum? ] [ How does the edacentrum work? ] [ Why is the edacentrum so important? ] [ What is the employment situation at the edacentrum? ] [ Are there similar institutes outside of Europe? ] [ Why do we need the edacentrum? ] [ Is the edacentrum a long-term or a short-term project? ] How was the edacentrum started? The edacentrum was founded to give EDA a new and concrete role in Germany. Despite the strategic aspect of EDA, this subject currently is not debated in the public nor does German research show any significant focus on this subject. There are few places where EDA is advertised and demonstrated. Therefore, it is important to gather a group of EDA representatives from industry and research to bring this subject to attention amongst management and in the public and political arena. The role of the edacentrum is to bring together these various representatives. Therefore, business and the industrial sectors, research institutes and the BMBF got actively involved in pushing German EDA to become more efficient and centered. What is the edacentrum? edacentrum is an association which bundles and expands German EDA expertise in the area of microelectronics. It presents its results to the public in a useful and efficient way. See also the policy. Where does the name edacentrum come from? The name edacentrum results from playing with letters and German words. Of course the abbreviation EDA has to be part of the name of an association like the edacentrum. That is where the first three letters of “edacentrum” come from. The second part of “edacentrum” is taken from the German word “Zentrum”, which has the meaning of the word “center”. Due to formal reasons, three irregularities have been included: First, the EDA in “edacentrum” is not capitalized, second the word “Zentrum” is spelled with “c” and third, the composition is spelled as one word, which is typical for German. What are the goals and objectives of the edacentrum? The main goals of the edacentrum are to bundle and expand EDA expertise and to present the results. It will join expertise and stimulate further development by making various groups work together. The results of this research and its economic benefits and scientific validity will then be demonstrated to the public. See also the motivation. How does the edacentrum work? The edacentrum is based on the successful MEDEA model. It has the hierarchical structure of an association. The edacentrum is governed by the board of directors, which includes leading German microelectronics companies. The steering committee is responsible for technical leadership. It also comprises industry representatives. Its main function is to provide technical orientation and to plan and review projects. The edacentrum association is headed by a management committee, whose members have an individual responsibility for the office, coordination, and basis research. The edacentrum has a small number of employees. Why is the edacentrum so important? Microelectronics represents the key technology of the information society. All key industrial sectors of the new millennium - the internet, computing, telecommunication, the automobile industry, and mechanical engineering - depend on this technology. This is especially true for Germany, which is internationally respected for its innovations in electrical and mechanical engineering. The new challenge for microelectronics in this decade is to control the design complexity of semiconductor devices (chips) which are growing larger and larger. Yet this level of control can only be achieved by a dramatic increase of design productivity. To get things moving, it is necessary to develop appropriate design methods and tools for design automation (EDA). If Germany wants to take advantage of this opportunity, it needs an intensified cooperation between the users, the EDA industry and research institutes. That is why the German microelectronics and application industry and three research institutes decided to found the edacentrum in Germany. The edacentrum encourages the intense cooperation of all participants because this is the only way to operate successfully. What is the employment situation at the edacentrum? Even in the future, the edacentrum will not need many employees. Its main function is to provide consulting on all questions of EDA, rather than to start its own alternative research and design projects. That is why the edacentrum was conceptualized as a small institution which does not require many employees. Are there similar institutes outside Germany? The edacentrum may be compared to MEDEA . MEDEA is a European organization, which was founded by industrial companies. It aims to bring together industry and research in the field of microelectronics and to stimulate their cooperation. Also, the Electronic Design Automation Consortium in the USA has similar goals. Why do we need the edacentrum? The edacentrum is the main consulting center for any EDA problem. It offers its services to EDA users, EDA industry and German research projects. By ensuring the continuous flow of information, the edacentrum enables the cooperation of the various EDA branches. Is the edacentrum a long-term or a short-term project? The edacentrum is a long-term project. After the initial period, in which the edacentrum is supported by the BMBF, it will be financially self-sufficient.